About Us

Travis and Tyler Groth
Travis and Tyler Groth were born with fuel running through their veins.  They were raised changing the oil & spark plugs in their dad's pickup. Their high school years were spent working on a CJ-7, a succession of Cherokees and all of their friends vehicles.  Off-roading became the weekend activity. 

Two years after high school, the twins began their journey to turn their passion into a profession by attending WYOTECH in Laramie, Wyoming. At school, the twins practiced MIG, TIG and gas welding, chassis design and fabrication, sheet metal fabrication, fiberglass work, painting and engine work.  Upon graduation, the twins took positions as heavy equipment mechanics with Keiwet Pacific. 

They kept their skills sharp by building a stretched CJ-7, modified a Willy's pickup, and continued to off-road in the woods of Western Washington.  After meeting Ranger Joe, owner and driver of Airborne Ranger, the twins knew that it was time to pursue their dream of racing monster trucks. After traveling with Joe for several shows, the guys took a leap and they purchased their first truck and Mirror Image Racing was born.

The twins currently work with Feld Motorsports during first quarter but continue to do local shows throughout the year. The highlight of their past few years has been attending Monster Jam world finals in Las Vegas and in 2016, Tyler and Travis both competed in the Young Guns Shootout.

There is certainly no stopping the monster power behind this dynamic duo.