Updated 5.04.13
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Double Trouble & Captain USA


Mirror Image Racing is home to Travis and Tyler Groth, and the Double Trouble & Captain USA Monster Trucks 

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3.27.2013  We spent the first quarter of 2013 running a number of Monster Jam, Monster X, Checkered Flag shows.  Highlights included Travis in Captain winning freestyle at Monster Jam in Spokane and a wheelie contest at Monster Jam in Nampa, Idaho.  Tyler held his own in Double Trouble, winning wheelie contests at Monster Jam in Spokane and Portland,  We wrapped up  the quarter with a wild weekend in Las Vegas for Monster Jam World Finals.  Capatin USA was a finalist for "Save of the Year" at the Monster Jam Banquet for a wicked save in Portland.  Double Trouble whipped around the track a few times during the practice session for World Finals.  We had a blast meeting a ton of new fans the last few months.  

1.7.2013  Four shows at the Tacoma Dome make for a wild weekend, and the hometown fans were awesome.  We debuted the new, aggressive body and color on Double Trouble.  Tyler quickly broke in the new body by rolling the truck end over end.  We're looking forward to a great first quarter!

11.27.2012  Now that the 2012 season is over we are hard at work updating the trucks and getting them ready for the 2013 season which kicks off at the Tacoma Dome January 4-6th. We are strengthening the DT and USA chassis by adding X's and addtion roll cage supports. Both trucks are getting new transmission coolers to help the life of the transmissions. DT will be getting new 26' Overtime shocks for the front end and the rears will be rebuilt as we are still fine tuning the suspension. Double Trouble will be sporting a new body for the 2013 season, It will be debuted at Tacoma Monster Jam with all new paint and graphics. We will be updating our 2013 first quarter schedule very soon. We cant wait to see everyone again in 2013.

6.30.2012 Yakima's Toughest Monster Truck Tour was a great show. Our crew had lots to do from a broken planetary, bent spindle, bent 4-link bar, broken driveshaft and a snapped drop box shaft on Captain. Double Trouble would fare a little better with two bent 4-link bars, blown steering orbital, and one tire. Our second show in June would take us to Provost Alberta Canada. Travis and Tyler had a great showing winning both wheelie contests and Freestyles. The trucks got very muddy as it would rain all weekend. That didnt stop the people from coming out to see the monsters. Tyler in Double Trouble would see his third rollover of the year making the crowd go crazy. Thanks to the Provost Kinsmen for all the support through the weekend. Hopefully we can make it back up there next year.

5.02.2012 Thanks to all of our friends, family and hometown fans who came out to Puyallup show. It was an amazing show with a great lineup of trucks. Tyler for the second show in a row would end his freestyle with only two tires inflated. The crew is now getting the trucks back to 100% for the summer shows. Make sure to check our schedule often as we are adding shows all the time. Hope to see everyone at a show this summer.

4.04.2012  It was great to see everyone at the Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas. The twins signs hundreds or autographs and got to meet so many new fans. Travis did a great job first quarter drving the wheels off of Captain USA. He sat in the hot seat at 3 of the 4 stadium shows and would win his first monster jam event in Nampa, ID.  

12.28.2011     Travis and Tyler have been working hard in the shop getting the trucks ready for the 2012 season. Both trucks will start the year off in Tacoma, Wa for Monster Jam. Both trucks are getting tons of upgrades, including Racesource Spindles, Ouverson Axle shafts, and PEI split pinion shield. Trenton has been cutting tires for two weeks and they are looking very good. The team has also been working on the trailer, adding more storage, building racks on the walls and adding interior and exterior lights. We also added 3 Warn Winches to make loading easier.

11.27.2011     Double Trouble driven by Tyler Groth took second place friday night in racing and would come away with the racing and freestyle win saturday night in Redmond, OR. The Redmond show in 2010 was the very first show for Double Trouble. Travis would experience his first roll-over in Captain USA during freestyle friday night. The next month we will spend tearing the trucks apart and getting them ready for 2012. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us in 2011. We cant wait to see you all again in 2012.

9.28.2011     Things are starting to slow down now that the summer season is winding down. We came away with multiple racing wins in many cities. Double Trouble came away with the Freestyle award from Clark County and Travis won freestyle on sunday at the Sublimity Harvest Festival in Captain USA. We continue to post pictures and videos on our Facebook fan page so go and check them out. Check our schedule and come see us at one of our last stops for 2011.

7.28.2011    After spending the past month in the shop we are ready to get back on the road. We strengthened the roll cage, Moved the rear steer pumps to the front of the truck, Installed a new oil pan and pump, and painted the truck bright red. We also built our 53' double drop trailer and are now setup to haul two monsters.

6.29.2011    Mirror Image Racing had a great month of June. We won our first race in Yakima, went to the finals in Missoula and won racing in Roseburg saturday night. We met a ton of fans and had a great time meeting everyone. Check our facebook page for more updates. 

5.26.2011   Next month is going to be very busy for the MIR team. We have 4 shows back to back in 3 states. We have some big changes involving our team that we will share very soon. Just a hint it includes a Kenworth and a 53' trailer. We are super excited for the changes coming and cant wait to meet everyone at the shows this summer. Check our schedule as we are adding shows all the time.  

Mirror Image debuted the truck's new design, Double Trouble at the Puyallup Spring Fair.  WGAS put together a great show, with apacked house and 9 of the best trucks on the West Coast.  Travis beat Fired Up in Chicago-style racing.  See video of racing here.  Tyler took the seat for freestyle.  He had the crowd roaring while standing the truck strait up on a couple jumps over the cars.  Check out a fan's video of freestyle here

3.15.2011   This past weekend was action packed as Team Mirror Image would go up against Grave Digger and Bigfoot as well as some of the best in the industry. 

Travis got the chance to drive Captain USA for Monster Jam in Nampa, ID. He signed autographs at the pit party before the show and competed in the wheelie contest, racing, and fresstyle. He did a great job for his first time in the seat. Check out the write up by Scott Heaton at www.monsterjam.com 

Tyler and Mirror Image spent the weekend tearing it up for Checkered Flag Productions in Pasco, WA. It was 3 exciting shows in two days. Tyler stood the truck straight up on his first atttempt at the wheelie contest and the crowd went crazy. Tyler had some of the best donuts in Freestyle all weekend long. Thanks to all the fans who came out to watch and hope to see you all again next year. 
2.17.2011   We have spent the first part of 2011 crewing for teams at Monster Jam events along the west coast. The trucks include Captain USA, The Patriot, Tropical Thunder, and Western Renegade. We will be crewing for the rest of the Monster Jam season through World Finals in Las Vegas, NV. We are having a blast meeting fans at the Monster Jam shows and can't wait to get back behind the wheel. We are finalizing some plans for a show April 15 in Puyallup, WA to kick off our 2011 racing season. Check back for details. 

1.5.2011   Mirror Image Racing is getting ready to select a name for our monster truck. If you have any ideas click on the link above and make sure to post your ideas.

11.7.2010   Spike TV Monster Madness a Huge Success! Mirror Image Racing competed in it's first show in Redmond, Oregon on Nov. 5th and 6th. The twins took on some the best trucks around including Joe Cypher in Airborne Ranger and Jeff Bainter in Captain USA

8.28.2010   Mirror Image Racing took the truck to the NW Ride of Dreams in Ellensburg, WA to benefit the Special Olympics.  It was a beautiful day and thousands turned out for the event.  The display was a sucess as we met many fans and supported a great cause.  Check out the photos from MIR's first ever appearance at the NW Ride of Dreams.